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George Ofonedu

Freelance Fullstack developer with over 5 years experience and expertise in development and implementation of customized software,web application and websites using python, Django and WordPress.

I have passion for building responsive, engaging websites and Web Apps that focus on user experience, compelling content, and high converting pages.I also understand SEO best practices to rank your site on google first-page.

What I Do

Python/Django Development
  • Front-end design using HTML5, CSS3, Bootstrap, JavaScript.
  • Experience in website prototyping from django skeleton and building out views,templates in line with Django MVC architecture.
  • Web Scraping Using Requests, HTML, Beautiful Soup and Scrappy Framework.Output data to database,XML,JSON,CSV,Excel formats.
  • Good knowledge of working and maintaining version controls with GIT.
  • Experience deploying web apps in Apache and Ngix in digital ocean.
  • Experience in Object Oriented Programming (OOP) concept using python.
WordPress Development
  • WordPress Theme Installation and Setup
  • Premium plugins installation and Setup
  • Convert existing website or static page to  WordPress site
  • Build a WordPress website or Landing Page from PSD
  • Create High Converting Landing Page
  • Improve your existing design
  • SEO friendly design with guarantee fast loading
  • FIX bug or any problem with WordPress
  • API Integration & Custom Post types
  • Woocommerce store development
Search Engine Optimization

SEO is not a one time effort. Nor is it something you can set on autopilot and expect great results.  It involves a number of important, ongoing tactics and strategies, including:

  • Keyword Research – Effective keywords are the foundation of a great SEO campaign because they give us insight into your consumers’ questions and concerns.
  • Industry Analysis – There are a lot of companies trying to rank for your keywords. I’ll analyze their strengths and weaknesses to find new opportunities for you.
  • Technical Optimization – User experience defines on-page optimization, which is why I combine SEO with web design and development. Everything from on-page copy to site navigation contributes to your end goal.
  • Off-site Optimization  – Building links from established sites remains a constant in good SEO. The most effective links will contribute to your rankings and drive quality traffic to your site.

Technical Skills

CSS 90%
HTML 90%
React 75%
JavaScript 75%
Node.js 65%
Python 85%
Django 85%
WordPress 85%
Search Engine Optimization 85%

Why Hire Me?

Over the past 5yrs I have built over 80+ websites for clients in 12 countries and have helped businesses build strong online presence, improve productivity and reach their target audience. All my projects begin with a strategic plan answering 6 most important questions:

  • What is your business goals and current challenges?
  • How do we solve those challenges ?
  • Why are you building this site or making the required customization?
  • What specific audience are you looking to attract
  • How do we execute this plan most effectively and for this specific audience so that you get the best results?

While there may be many who can provide these services, I seek to provide them with a comprehensive, pre-determined strategy to assure your return on investment.Your business is unique and your website should reflect that.

Whether your an Agency or an individual seeking affordable website development & design,SEO and digital marketing solution. I am available to take on your projects.

So what are you waiting for?

Feel free to contact me and discuss details of your project and expectations. I will be happy to assist you and find the best solution that will fit your needs.

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